Where Does Michael Jordan Live

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Where does Michael Jordan live? These pictures of MJ’s home are said to be in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park in Illinois.  Though I seriously doubt he maintains just one residence due to his extensive travel. Regardless, these photos show that at least he has a “humble abode” to lay his head down at night.

I know some individuals look at this lifestyle and say, “Why?” I say, “Why not?” (Especially the 23 on the gate, its a nice touch.) Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team. Some people think that the coach was crazy but he probably didn’t deserve to make the team at the time. He failed. But, he did not let that stop him. Are you letting your past failures keep you from pursuing your dreams?

You know the rest of the story. Jordan went on to play at North Carolina then onto the NBA to lead the Chicago Bulls into a dynasty, winning more championships than any other NBA team. This could be your story as well, in your industry if you refuse to give up on yourself or your dreams. Michael is a man just like you and had to overcome tremendous odds. If you can do it in the highly competitive arena of basketball, you can achieve greatness in your industry. What do you say? Do you want to be, “Like Mike?”

3 Responses to Where Does Michael Jordan Live

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  2. Candice says:

    Omg!!!!!! His home is extremely beautiful!
    The 23 on the gate is super dope… Love it!!!!

  3. Steven says:

    I know! I love MJ’s house too!