Top 50 Marketing Blog Sites

Entrepreneur or not we are all in the business of marketing. If you are trying to get a date you have to market yourself as someone datable…which I might need to take refresher course (did I say that?) If you are applying for a job you have to market yourself as someone hireable and of course if you have a business you have to market to get business.

But, how much time do we really spend on marketing? And do we even know to whom we are marketing? Over the past month I have been approached by 5 different music artists, 1 author and 2 models to act as their publicist. As I am exploring this industry to expand into I am amazed that most people don’t even know to whom they are marketing…

Regardless, if you are marketing a product or a person you HAVE TO KNOW to whom you are marketing. If you do not know upfront who will be attracted to and purchase your product then you will not know where, when or to whom to market. That is the MOST IMPORTANT RULE of marketing…everything else is just creativity.

Anyways…sorry for the random marketing rant but here are 50 blogs that I keep up with and learn from. No, I do not read them all daily nor would I recommend it. What I would recommend is signing up for their RSS feeds and compiling them through Google Reader to keep abreast on the latest marketing strategies.

And since I compiled the freakin list your backside better subscribe to my RSS also!! LOL

The Top 50 Marketing Blogs…personal opinion :)

  1. How to Change the World URL:
  2. Seth Godin’s Blog URL:
  3. ShoeMoney URL:
  4. John Cow URL:
  5. Marketing Pilgrim URL:
  6. Entrepreneurial Journey URL:
  7. Search Engine Land URL:
  8. Duct Tape Marketing Blog URL:
  9. Marketing Sherpa URL:
  10. ProBlogger URL:
  11. Dosh Dosh URL:
  12. Garry Conn URL:
  13. Uberaffiliate URL:
  14. CopyBlogger URL:
  15. Web Strategy URL:
  16. Pronet Advertising URL:
  17. eMarketer URL:
  18. Court’s Internet Marketing School URL:
  19. Romow Internet Marketing Blog URL:
  20. MarketingVOX URL:
  21. ChrisG URL:
  22. Web Ink Now URL:
  23. GrokDotcom URL:
  24. Influential Marketing Blog URL:
  25. Drew’s Marketing Minute URL:
  26. Marketing Profs URL:
  27. TopRank Online Marketing Blog URL:
  28. Search Engine Roundtable URL:
  29. Search Engine Watch URL:
  30. Search Engine Guide URL:
  31. BlogStorm URL:
  32. Wired Studios URL:
  33. Micro Persuasion URL:
  34. Buzz Marketing for Technology URL:
  35. Trend Hunter URL:
  36. Gaping Void URL:
  37. PSFK URL:
  38. AdRants URL:
  39. I Believe in Advertising URL:
  40. AdWeek URL:
  41. Advertising/Design Goodness URL:
  42. Adland URL:
  43. Professional Online Publishing URL:
  44. PR 2.0 URL:
  45. PR Squared URL:
  46. 10e20 URL:
  47. The Viral Garden URL:
  48. Six Pixels of Separation URL:
  49. Brand Autopsy URL:
  50. Brand DNA URL:

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