The Most Beautiful Man in the World?

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There is a question that I have been pondering since middle school. Yeap, that long. What makes someone beautiful?

I see actresses, actors and various other entertainment artists constantly get voted into the 50 most desirable men, 10 most eligible bachelors and the sexiest women in Hollywood. And now on Oprah the other day, I saw an actress from Bollywood who is claimed to be, “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World!”


That is a pretty big title. Is she pretty? Sure, you see her pictures. But, the most beautiful? Hmmm debatable.

So back to my question…what makes someone beautiful? From our lists above and the tabloids that we read its not looks…its fame. We all went to school, both high school and college with girls who are sexier than the women in Hollywood and with men who are more desirable than…Sponge Bob Square Pants? Yeah…he has made the list before.

So this is my challenge can an ordinary guy be voted as the most beautiful man in the world or at least make the top 50 strictly through marketing?

Literally, I am walking out of my house when I had this thought so I said…what the heck I am going to throw it out there and see what happens.

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So here is what I want you to do.

I want you to help me spread this article throughout the Internet as a game to see if this can actually work. Stumble this article, post it on Twitter, Facebook, Digg it and all the other million and a half social medias and let’s see if we can make history and cause an everyday, ordinary Joe (in this case Steven) to end up on the Most Desirable List.

Can it happen? Heck if I know, but if I make the list it will be your fault.

Take a moment and promote my picture or this article and let’s see.

Here’s to fame.

3 Responses to The Most Beautiful Man in the World?

  1. Lilly Ruiz says:

    LOL,this is too cool!I’ll add to my pages!:-)I want to play this game for myself….

  2. chika says:

    imean,, Im searching for the most hottest man in the world ..not the most chakanes duhh!!is he weain a mask???LOL

  3. hotgurl says:

    ewwww are u serious, you think you are the most beautiful man in the world?
    first off your face is too long and horse like…etc.
    your hair looks dyed black, and your eyebrows look fake and filled in with eyeliner. You look extremely gay too. If you are no offense. But seriously I think you are hallucinating when you look at yourself in the mirror.
    and btw that bollywood chick is definitely a stunner. She could be the most beautiful along with Adriana Lima, Angelina Jolie.
    What is her name btw? I wanna google her lol