School Marketing Campaign to Meet Budget

I was walking through the halls of my old high school last week going to Mr. Cunningham’s Pre-Calculus class to talk about business and life when I couldn’t help but to notice how dilapidated the school looked. I mean the halls need repainted, the weight room needed a facelift and the whole school just seemed…poor.

After talking to the class (none of them knew who I was…but were thankful that they got a break from class) I found out that the budget was cut yet again therefore our school cannot provide the supplies that it needs. This is pretty common isn’t it? I mean the school has been complaining that they didn’t have any money when I was there and that was *cough* years ago.

The Marketing School Teacher

One high school teacher in San Diego who was experiencing the same song and dance decided to do something about his school’s lack of budget and put together a school marketing campaign.

“When a San Diego high school calculus teacher had his supplies budget cut, he thought inside the box. With so many quizzes, he uses a lot of paper. To pay for producing his tests, he contacted businesses that might be interested in a one-line sponsorship at the bottom of a test. He needed only about $300, but is on course to collect about $1,000, which he’s using to help colleagues with their supplies.” (

Now, if a school teacher can think like that to generate additional money for his kids school supplies don’t you think you could come up with something creative for your business? Of course you can but you first have to believe that you can and then take corresponding actions.

That is why I share these marketing strategies and success stories with you…so that you can take your belief to higher levels.

Here is my 3-step Marketing Campaign Challenge to you:

  1. Think about a moneymaking opportunity you could implement in your business nightly.
  2. Create an idea journal to write these thoughts.
  3. Then take action on the idea that keeps reoccurring.

In truth, I have not yet done this with my business but I thought that this would be a great practice to get into. I am going to get a journal and then start tonight. Will you accept the challenge?

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