Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

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The real estate market is tough right now if you are a real estate agent therefore I decided to put together a couple of unique marketing strategies for real estate agents. Before we can bring you out of a down real estate market we have to bring you up in the mental market. Real estate sales might be down but you cannot allow your belief to be. Everything comes from your belief. How you think toward you situation is what will determine the outcome of your situation. Period.

Think opportunity and constantly affirm yourself and the belief that homes are selling and that new listings are coming your way and then you will begin to see the abundant opportunity all around you. Then keep the idea wheel rolling for how to market yourself as a real estate agent watch HGTV and read trade journals to stay up to date with current trends. Information sparks creativity and new ideas.

Here are 5 practical marketing strategies for real estate agents:

  1. Informational Meetings – Everyone is doing this right? Sure they are which means that it works. However, I suggest giving out information on investment properties, interest rates etc inside a home that you have listed. Why waste precious capital on a hotel room when you could pack 20 potential home buyers inside a house that is listed with you?
  2. Pictures of Furniture – When HGTV sells a home they don’t sell the house, they sell the vision of what the home can be. Take some time and get to know your clients taste in furniture and then recreate the home for them. Use a laptop, take snapshots of nice contemporary furniture and then place it around the room. Create a wow factor.
  3. Appreciation Value – Know your numbers. Tell them how their investment in this house, in this neighborhood is going to pay off for them.
  4. Create a Resource Guide – Give all of your potential investors and home owners a guide to local plumbers, roofing contractors, babysitters, dentists etc. Create value for your customers.
  5. Start a Blog – I do Internet Marketing for several clients and for one of my real-estate agents I researched what people who searching for in Google and I found that more than 20 searches per month were being made for “homes for sale in ______, GA” and there were zero pages in Google that were optimized for those keywords. The result? That is 20 potential clients every month. Month after month. Blogging is a great way to get a tremendous amount of business and to market yourself as a real estate agent.

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