Solution to Marketing Problems for a Small Hardware Store

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How do you solve the marketing problems for a small hardware store when you are competing with large national chains? You don’t. In fact you cannot compete with them…on their level but you can compete with them inside your niche.

Listen For Your Opportunity

In order to properly market your small hardware store you have to have an understanding of your customers needs and wants. How can you know that? Through surveys and by listening to them complain about Lowe’s and Home Depot. When there is lack of revenue in a hardware store or any business it is not due to the lack of opportunity but rather to the lack of understanding. When you know what you customer wants and are able to give it to he or she then that satisfied customer will tell their friends which will bring about more business. Word of mouth marketing.

3 Ideas for Immediate Revenue

O.k. I know that is more long term and you are looking for a short term turn around. Here are three ideas to increase your small business revenue immediately:

  1. Make a deal with contractors – This includes electricians, plumbers, general contractors and developers and tell them that anyone who has a need in any of these areas you will send them business, if and only if they buy all of their materials, for all their jobs not just the ones that you send them through you. Of course if you do not have it they can go elsewhere.
  2. Delivery – Many contractors, handymen and weekend warriors have to make several trips to the hardware store because they forget this item or that. Make the trip for them, if it is over a certain amount and under a certain distance.
  3. Get involved with local sports teams – “Nuts and bolts, nuts and bolts we got screwed!” give out nuts and bolts every time the referee gives a bad call, “The hammer hit of the day” brought to you by Handyman Hardware.

You do not have to spend a lot of money you just have to think outside of the box. Creativity knows no price tag.

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