I Got My “A” Kicked

I just got my A*% kicked!

I was talking with a soon to be business partner of mine and we were talking about my Internet marketing firm, “The Marketing Model,” when I said, “I just got a contact that came through so I will be good financially for a couple of months.”

Michael responded by saying, “Lets take a litnese test. Based on that comment you have a poor mentality.”

And you know what…I do. (Crap!)

Michael went on to tell me to measure myself by my financial potential not my financial needs. Nothing is so healing as a good rebuke. I love having people in my life who are not afraid to tell me about myself and whom refuse to see me settle for what I have.

That one comment helped me to realize that I was not living up to my potential. That I was more budget conscious than I was potential conscious. That I was more concerned about having some spending money than I am about realizing my true wealth potential.

As the song says, “The first cut is the deepest.” And today I am changing my thoughts to make room for my new wealth mindset.

Thanks Michael for kicking my “A Double Snake” (LOL Get it?)

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