I am a mess. You?

I am a mess. Really.

Many people don’t know this about me…including my family but I struggle with depression. Not sure why or when I started to get the blues but depression started and I fight to overcome it. Sometimes I am the victor…other times I am the goat.

I noticed this…hmmm…problem when I was in Bible college. But the problem got worse when I lost my  business, filed bankruptcy, lost my house, my dog (got ran over), car broke down, relationship broke up…need I go on?

I do not wish to dwell in the past, nor do I wish to stay depressed in my future or present so I overcome it. Really, its weird…I will be good on a Tuesday…I mean real good and then on Thursday I am wanting to stay in bed and my thoughts are running like the Last of the Mohicans!

But, I have found a couple of tricks that have helped me manage the…fits if you will. And no, I do not take meds!

5 Ways to Conqueror Depression

  1. Caffeine – Though I gave up caffeine about 6 months ago I now and then dip back into the juice via 5 hour energy or a strong cup of coffee. Why? Depression brings your energy levels way down so in order to counteract it I get hyper on caffeine.
  2. Laugh – When I am struggling with a bout I call my best friend Dwayne who will laugh at me and with me. Its weird but sometimes him laughing at my fears and concerns diminishes their effect.  Then when he starts laughing, his laugh makes me laugh and then the depression lifts.
  3. Write – Writing is medicinal for me. I enjoy helping other people and getting my thoughts and desires out on paper…or the Internet. StevenRoddy.com got 30K views last month so apparently others share my taste for it.
  4. Help Someone – Depression is selfish. Your thoughts are all about you and they are all negative. So in whatever area I am feeling down I try to help someone out in that area. Like I am doing now by typing this message. :)
  5. PrayPraying to God helps me the most. Though I admit sometimes I run from prayer because the last thing that I want to do when I am feeling depressed is to be alone in my thoughts. I much prefer to have something or someone (typically beautiful) distract me. (Hey I am being honest) But, truly when you give your fears over to God he has a way of lifting the burden.

So why am I coming clean? Well, for one I am having a sprout of depression that I have been fighting for the last 3 or 4 days (I never really know when it starts). But, secondly I understand that when you are running a business when you are feeling down you cannot afford to stay down. Your clients, customers, employees and distributors are relying on you and if you are at home being depressed then are going to be missing out on opportunities.

What is Success

Success is showing up day after day, week after week, while hammering away at your purpose. You cannot afford to be depressed and neither can I, so I deal with it. If you are struggling with depression realize that you have a choice. You can feel sorry for yourself and believe that you are the victim or you can choose to conquer your thoughts and be the victor.

The thing that I love about God is that He has given you a choice. Your life may suck right now. Your life may have sucked when you were a child. Or your outlook might just suck. However, your situation (and mine) is a matter of prospective. Give your problems to someone else and they would gladly exchange it for theirs if that was possible.

Be Proactive

Think today how you can be proactive. (Side note: I am preaching to myself also)

If you are miserable in a relationship…break it off.

If you are miserable being alone…find someone to date.

If you do not have enough money…budget, find another job, try to reach out to new clients

If you are overweight…stop eating and get your backside to the gym

If you don’t like your environment…then move!

You have a choice Roddy…oh…umm I mean *cough*

I mean, You have a choice! But, you need to act now. Do not wait for your feelings to come around because you do not need them to take action, but action will always conquer depression.

Jim Rohn said, “What is easy to do, is also easy not to do.” You have a choice. What will you choose?

One Response to I am a mess. You?

  1. Dwayne says:

    Thank you for this article Steve. You have definitely inspired me to be transparent. I like you find writing and Prayer helps. God is so souvereign that He wants us to come to Him for it all. Even if it’s just to gripe. This article shows you, the real unadulterated you. Keep in this vane man you will be surprised how quickly and better things get. Keep inspiring. Believe it or not it exudes from you naturally. Thank you again for being the sign and the wonder that you were created to be.