How to Market Your Videos on Youtube

How do you market your videos on youtube?

Youtube right now is ranked number 4 out of every website on the planet. According to Netcraft, in February, 2007 they counted 108,810,358 distinct websites. Wow! Of course those numbers are a lot higher now that it is 2 years later yet youtube is still ranked number 4. Moral of the story…you need to be on youtube.

Signing up for youtube is simple. Uploading a video also fairly easy. Sharing videos to viewers…more difficult.

Here is the deal. Great content will keep the viewers and they will help spread the word for you. The best way to make spreadable content…make it funny. Look at how many stupid videos have millions upon millions of views and most of them have 1 of 3 things in common:

  1. They are controversial.
  2. They have something to do with sex.
  3. They are wicked funny.

Here are 3 ways to market your videos on youtube:

  1. Create Consistent Videos – Like a blog and content you will gain followers if you are consistently creating videos. Make a goal. Are you going to launch a video once per week? Are you going to create a movie once every other week?
  2. Write a Movie Description – Youtube is owned by Google and Google is a search engine that is made to crawl content. Use the description panel to put in words what you said on video. It will help people find you.
  3. Tags – If you are doing a video on gardening then write in similar tags as the most popular gardening video. You will come up in related searches and then you will get more views.

My favorite youtube channel right now is mydamnchannel…hilarious plus educational. And this is one of his videos that I embedded.

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