how much money does donald trump have

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How much money does Donald Trump have? Current studies have shown him to be worth 2.9 billion dollars. But, in truth Donald Trump may not know exactly how much money he does have. J. Paul Getty, the once richest man in the world, said that he did not know exactly how much money he had because it was not all cash. Some of the money was in other currencies therefore the exchange rate would effect his net worth, and so would the appreciation on his oil companies, stocks, real estate properties and the list continues. By the time his accountants added up his net worth the numbers would change again.

I think that Donald Trump with his television show, “The Apprentice,” real estate holdings, golf courses, modeling company, Miss Universe Pageant, clothing line, and numerous other investments that we do not know of would fall into the same category of not knowing his exact net worth. But, did you know that Donald Trump makes $1,000,000 everytime he speaks for the Learning Annex and then he gives all of that money away? So much for stereotyping the shrewest negotiator of our day!

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