get signed to a modeling contract

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How do you get signed to a modeling agency? I have been working now as a model off and on for about 5 years and really the process is not as hard as many people would think. The biggest obstacle in finding a modeling agency is getting over your own insecurities.

Models today come in all shapes and sizes. In fact marketing is moving away from the perfect male and female and using ordinary everyday people. Why, because people want to be able to identify with the models in the ads.

So this is all that you do. Google, agencies and your city and then submit your measurements, pictures to them all. If you do not have pictures have someone take a head shot, ¾ shot and a full body shot of you with a digital camera, if you can touch up the pictures with Photoshop even better. Then either you have the look that they are going for or you don’t. Really, it is that easy.

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