Fitz Johnson is Beating the Odds

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In today’s economy so many are talking about the recession, job security, layoffs, foreclosure, and a list of negatives that all surround the word…money. In an era that is so money focused I want to challenge you to focus on purpose and passion. Why? Wealth will always follow you when you are working within your purpose because when you are working inside your purpose you are working within your passion.

Set Yourself on Fire

Martin Luther King when he was asked, “How do you get so many people to follow you?” responded by saying, “I simply set myself on fire and people show up to watch me burn.” What causes you to burn with passion? Your passion may not be wisest financial move to those on the outside looking in, however when you are pursuing your passion the money will take care of itself.

Fitz Johnson and the Atlanta Beat

Take for example, Fitz Johnson, the 45-year-old entrepreneur from Marietta, Georgia. Johnson, the former CEO of defense contractor Eagle Group International, is investing $2.5 million into the Atlanta Beat, the 9th franchise in the Woman’s Professional Soccer League. The obviously savvy businessman is seemingly making a poor financial decision by investing such a large amount of capital into the highly competitive field of professional sports.

Fitz knows that turning a profit with the Atlanta Beat after the initial 3 years is going to be an uphill battle and as a former arena football team owner I would agree but he is pursuing his passion and even if he does lose money he will have been true to himself and will have gained a far greater reward.

What Would You Do With $2.5 Million?

Some of you might be saying, “Well, if I had an extra $2.5 million laying around I would bet on myself also.”

Just because you can invest $2.5 million doesn’t make the risk of losing it anymore enjoyable. But let’s put Johnson’s scenario into prospective. Do you right now have a dream that you desire to pursue? Now go through the checklist below and ask yourself if you have bet on you and your dreams?

  • Have you purchased a book on how to succeed in your desired industry?
  • Have you attended a conference with leading experts who could teach you principles?
  • Have you searched itunes or youtube for free podcasts and videos with your industry leaders to learn and harness your skill?
  • Have you taken the chance to call a business owner in your city whose doing what you want to do?

If you have not been able to answer “yes” to these questions then even if you had $2.5 million you would not bet on yourself. If you first are not willing to bet your time and/or a small amount of money you would not bet a large amount. My goal is to force you outside of your comfort zone so you can achieve the dreams that you are talking about.

Beat the Odds Bet on You

Remember the example of Fitz Johnson and the Atlanta Beat and bet on yourself, bet on your passion, bet on your purpose and also remember that the only reason Johnson had the capital to begin with is because he bet on himself in the beginning.

What step are you going to take today to bet on your dreams?

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