Are You a Liar

Last Sunday morning I was at my parent’s house drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee with some Coffee Mate Creamer to assist me in the eye opening process due to sleep deprivation. But, with every sip I felt guilty.

The Cost of Coffee

You see a couple of months ago I made a promise to myself that I would no longer eat hydrogenated oils or drink a caffeinated coffee. And in all actuality I have been faithful to my promise…I fought through the headaches and the upset stomach that came from caffeine withdraws to fulfill my promise. I have given up eating fried foods and my beloved potato chips to be faithful to my vow. However, I got lazy and gave up on my commitments because it was no longer convenient.

I wanted coffee but my parents didn’t have decaf, nor did they have a creamer that did not have hydrogenated oils. So I cheated.

But, whom did I cheat? Myself.

What is the price of my small cup of java? Confidence.

When you lie to yourself your confidence is chipped away. You prove that your word cannot be trusted. So here is the million-dollar question: “What are the cups of coffee that you have drank today?”

Or to bring it home further…

Have you kept your New Years Eve commitments? Ouch…

Do you even remember your New Years Eve commitments? Ouch…

Make small commitments to yourself that you can keep and then keep them for a month. After that evaluate how you feel. You will be amazed. In short, don’t write checks that your butt cannot cash.

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