aerial picture of john travolta’s house in ocala

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Here are some aerial pictures of John Travolta’s house in Ocala. John Travolta is a passionate aviator and owns 5 planes to date. You see two of them are parked outside of his home and as you see in the picture above they have their own private driveway or should I say airport road? Awesome.

John Travolta’s House in Ocala

You know what I like about these pictures. They show that John Travolta thinks outside of the box. Who would have thought about having a 2-plane garage attached to your home? The other thing is that he does not limit his imagination to money. Many individuals first think price and then they think feasibility. Or they get a thought about a dream but then shoot it down when they learn the cost. You are never limited to the amount of money that you make. At the age of 23 I purchased an arena football team while waiting tables and sleeping on a friends couch. Your thoughts are your only true currency, so dream big and then cash in.

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