5 Advertising Ideas for Photographers

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Before you can come up with advertising ideas for your photography business you first have to know who is your demographic. Who or what do you want to photograph? Do you want to shoot children, married couples, abstract objects, nature, or models.

Wait..stop…please don’t tell me that you said, “I will take pictures of anything”! Please don’t say that.

Photography is a business and just like in any business you need to discover your niche. Your niche determines where you will advertise. Let’s say that you choose to focus in on weddings. Does that mean if a model comes to you wanting photos for her portfolio that you are going to turn her away? Of course not. However, you cannot market yourself as all things to all people. Ever heard of the saying, “Jack of all trades and the master of none”? Choose one area of photography to be known as the master and then corner that market. From there branch out and tap into other areas.

Once you decide whom you are marketing to then let the brainstorming begin.

5 Advertising Ideas for Photographers

  1. Partnership – If you decide that you want to be known as a wedding photographer then join arms with a bridal shop. If you want to shoot children focus on joining arms with a school, ballet class, cheerleading squad etc. Find out what businesses are catering to your demographic and then find a unique way to advertise your photography services through their organization.
  2. Work of Art – Derek Blanks one of the top photographers in the country right now turns his photos into works of art as you can see above. He analyses your personality and does an alter-ego shot. The real you and then the bad your or the bad you and the good you. If your photos are art worthy then partner up with a local art gallery and ask to display your works. They need art to sell and you need to get your name out there and sell your work. Its a win-win relationship.
  3. Interior Decorating – Go into restaurants, shops and other stores where your demographic is spending money and ask to hang your photos on the walls. These stores need art work and your photography could serve as just that. Hang them with a price tag and if they are sold give a percentage back to the shop…oh and put your business cards nearby. They might want you to do a specific photo shoot for them.
  4. Ebay Your Photos – This is an instant way to make your name known throughout the country for minimal cost. Individuals, myself included, are always looking for unique, inexpensive art or photos to decorate our homes & business. Soon you could have your very own fan following.
  5. Internet Marketing – The least expensive and most effective way for you to market yourself as a photographer is to do so via online marketing. Open up accounts with Flickr and photobucket then upload your photos. Start interacting with people in the community and soon your popularity will grow. Also open up accounts on digg and Sumbleupon. If your photos are featured on either one of these social bookmarking sites then you could get a 100,000 viewers to your photo in one day…wow. But, if all of this Internet Marketing stuff is then look to hire an Internet marketing firm to help. I might know a good one (cough) “The Marketing Model.”

At the end of the day if you desire success as a photographer you have to advertise yourself. Regardless if you are pushing the Internet Marketing route or cold calling art galleries. If you want your photography business to be huge then you have got to take a risk and spread the word through your advertising ideas.

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