4 Free Restaurant Marketing Ideas

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The restaurant business is a tough market to crack. There are only a million and a half different restaurants advertising to a limited populace of empty stomachs. Getting lost in the never ending food chain is easy but luckily for you people get hungry every couple of hours. And soon you will have a few restaurant marketing ideas in place.

Your restaurant idea as unique as it is needs to be seen and tasted before it can become popular. In order for your restaurant to be seen it has to be marketed. And as the case with all advertising you need a strategy. Here are 4 free restaurant marketing ideas for your business:

  1. Media Marketing Strategy – Trade out food for media space. Don’t waste your money on radio and television advertising. Trust me…it is a waste. Rather go for the newspaper, magazine, or best yet a billboard.
  2. Church Marketing Strategy – Go to a church and have the pastor recommend your restaurant as the place to eat on Sunday or Wednesday. Tell he or she that for everyone who eats at your restaurant and mentions the church name or shows a church bulletin you will donate X amount of dollars.
  3. Fundraising Marketing Strategy – Rinse and repeat the church marketing strategy with every non-profit organization that you can contact. Think about it…who is going to say no to a girl scout? I know that I cannot.
  4. Give Food to the Homeless – Huh? Give food away? Yes! Implementing the principles of sowing and reaping will explode your business. It is the most amazing principle to live by. (I am sliding into pastor mode watch out…) The Bible says, “Give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together and running over shall men give unto your bosom.” Now just to be clear this verse is talking about love, however how do you show love? Action! (Plus the media loves businesses that give back. :) )

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