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Steven Roddy

The Story of Steven

I was born on November 18, 1981…yeap a Scorpio watch out and was raised with 5 sisters. Concerning birth order I am kind of in the middle of the birth order mix with 3 sisters are older and 2 my junior.

Around the age of 7 I got a first hand experience that with the right idea and work ethic you can overcome crazy odds when my dad decided that he was going to turn our 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home into a 5 bedroom 3.5 bedroom home.

My dad on a single income, minimum wage salary got the bank to loan him enough money to remodel the house. Nightly, after working from 8 – 5pm  he would come home, eat some dinner and then work on the house until 1 – 2am. This routine continued for about a year and a half until the house was somewhat complete.

During the remodeling process we got the privilege of enjoying

  • a week without a roof over our heads while we were rebuilding the roof
  • no windows or doors on our house while we were waiting
  • hearing my sister scream when she found a mouse in her hair in the middle of the night
  • no carpet for several months
  • sleeping in our kitchen during the first winter with nothing but a corner gas heater and a stove to keep us warm
  • washing dishes in the bathtub
  • and the list continues….

After high school I went to Bible College and got ordained as a minister but during seminary I noticed and much to my instructors chagrin that I was more interested in business, and marketing than theology. Just before graduation the pastor of our school said, “If you can do anything else and be satisfied then do that.”

So I decided that I was going to become a businessman.

My Biggest Risk

I worked for several years through college as a model and a television show host. The gigs were here and there but the experience and travel opened my eyes to what life could look like for me. I met people who were not anymore talented than I but were enjoying a fabulous lifestyle because of their success. This inspired me with the thought that if they could, then I could.

I moved from Ohio to Georgia in the hopes that I would find the success that I saw in others. While in Georgia I was waiting tables when a childhood dream resurfaced. Since the age of 12 I began saying that I wanted to own the Chicago Bears, and when my friend handed me a Forbes magazine that said, “How to Own Your Own Football Team” I knew it was time to swing for the fence. then by the time I turned 23 I thought it is about time that I gave this dream a shot.

4 months after reading that article I was able to raise the funds to acquire a arena football team in Columbus, Georgia. At the time I was the youngest person to ever own an arena football team but I’m not sure if I still am or not.

Anyways, long story short…the football team failed. Miserably.

But, I was learning. Most people go to college to learn about business. I bought and started businesses to learn about business.

My Big Break

Through the next couple of years I tried several things to get back on my feet but the proverbial rug kept being pulled out from under me. Then through an introduction I met Calvin Hill, a great Internet marketer, who took me under his wing and started showing how to market myself and others online.

For the next year and a half, I started marketing myself online as a motivational speaker with no success but again I was learning through massive amounts of failure. But, then I met Rob “Waldo” Waldman, gave me the breakthrough that I had been waiting for. Through a few conversations he believed that I could help him market his website, his book and get his name out there as a motivational speaker. We experience a successful marketing campaign we landed him on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

Quickly thereafter I started a company based on Waldo’s advice called, “The Marketing Model,” that helped people use the Internet to make themselves and their brands famous. Once again things began expanding very rapidly.

My next clients looked like a who’s who of business:

  • Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success Magazine’s publisher
  • TazSolutions, recently ranked one of the top 5 marketing firms in the world and various other companies from Canada to Hawaii.
  • ABC & NBC affiliate stations
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Fred Stroller
  • Desert Wind Films

Shortly before things took off with Waldo I saw an opportunity to create a brand inside the space of pageantry. You see during my arena owning days I dated a pageant girl and I saw that there was a lot of money to be earned in the space if someone was able to bring together the fragmented industry.

So I created, ThePageantPlanet.com. Over the course of 4 years the site continued to grow until it got to the point where I was able to close the doors of my marketing company and just work on it full time.

The Pageant Planet

The Pageant Planet is an online pageant coaching website that trains girls how to successfully compete via software and helps pageant directors & coaches discover girls in their local area who are in need of their services.

For the record I’m not a pageant coach but since I’ve interviewed 100s of titleholders, coaches and directors I’ve learned a thing or two that I gladly share with girls that I meet in person or via the Internet.

During my 3rd year of owning ThePageantPlanet.com I found myself attending a pageant when I saw that 3 girls in the Top 10 were wearing the same dress. The event had to be embarrassing to the girls so I came up with our next product.

Reserve THE Dress

Reserve THE Dress is an iPhone and Android app that solves the problem of 2 girls showing up to the same party (ie pageant, prom, homecoming, red carpet event) wearing the same dress as another girl.

The app is free and allows you to reserve your dress while keeping your identity a secret. Additionally, you can get a gown you are thinking of wearing reviewed anonymously and sell your gown to everyone else who owns the app.

The app was a success and was reviewed by several news stations and the NY Post but it also kicked open wide another door.

Tony Bowls

Due to the success of the app, Tony Bowls contacted me wanting to know more of how it worked and how we might be able to work together. Tony and I talked over the course of the next few weeks discussing different ideas when he called, me on a Thursday afternoon and asked me to come on as his brand manager.

Intrigued to be able to manage and market the brand of the famed designer I created a proposal and 5 days later I was making plans to move to Philadelphia, PA to work at Mon Cheri, the corporate headquarters.

So now in addition to owning ThePageantPlanet.com & Reserve THE Dress and acting as an emcee for pageants I now also do trunk shows and appearances on behalf of Tony Bowls.

So if you’re interested in having me appear at your pageant or event fill out this form below and let’s see if I’m free to attend.

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